Dental implants in Huntington

Dental Implants in Huntington

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Implants in Huntington

If you have lost a natural tooth, or even more than one, what options do you have? Well, you are not limited to just a traditional bridge or dentures. In fact, at the office of Peter H. Pruden, DDS, PC & Associates, we are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art in full-tooth restorations. With our dental implants in Huntington, you’ll have the closest thing to a real tooth that you can get.

Implants are so much like real tooth because they are designed to be. Your natural teeth consist of a crown above the gum line and a root beneath it. This is also so with our dental implants in Huntington. The first step is the placement of a titanium post, which serves the role of a root. It is surgically implanted in your jaw, where your bone tissue grows around it. Within a few weeks, bone and post will have fused to create a fully dependable foundation. In addition, your facial contours are preserved and so are the vital gum and bone tissue that may otherwise erode without a tooth in place. The next phase is to uncover the tooth and add an abutment, which is a way of keeping the tooth stable and secure. And the final step is getting the visible tooth portion. A tooth-colored crown is made from impressions and then cemented to the post, and held in with the help of the abutment. That’s confidence. You’ll be able to chew even the toughest and crunchiest foods, and speak normally without worry. Our dental implants in Huntington won’t move around and they never affect your other teeth or require messy adhesive.

We make it easy and simple to replace lost teeth. We even charge no fee for an initial consultation. So you have nothing to lose. Please reach out to us and arrange an appointment.

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